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Transfer fuel pump maybe??

I was having a problem with our '84 Volvo 240 DL wagon last year - not starting or hard starting when the tank was low, ran poorly if it did start. I put in a new fuel pre-pump (inside the fuel tank) also called the pre-pump, and it solved my problem. It was either not sending enough fuel forward or sending it without enough pressure. Mine was three years newer than yours, and it needed to be replaced. Probably a good thing to do even if you have some other problem too. See pages 230-6 through 230-9 in the Bentley Volvo 240 Service Manual. It specifies tests of the fuel system and how to change the Transfer fuel pump. Not too much of a job for decent mechanic, but I paid someone to install it after I bought the parts from IPD. Runs great now.

Good luck with yours.

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