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Hey,I'm looking for a mechanic in the Los Angeles area who would work on my 72 ES.It needs fuel injection service and my 240 mechanic won't work on it.I realize it's old but in this economy,I figured he would take the job.I'm not comfortable doing F.I. work or I would do it myself.This car sat for a few years before I bought it and I drove it several hundred miles without doing any service.It starts,idols and drives fine for awhile.It then wants to shut off without fethering the throttle.It also feels like its missing and fuel starved.It almost stranded me.Im sure all will be well with a proper tuneup and F.I. service.My mechanic used to fix these all the time but he like others no longer wants to work on pre 1981 Volvos.I'm not expecting Lexus-smooth idling!! I realize it's an older car.I also have a 71E that will soon need work too.I used a guy in Torrance,CA once (Volvo High Performance??)but cannot remember his name??
Oh well,any help would be appreciated.
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