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Hello, My name is George I own a 2001 S40 volvo with a 1.9t engine I have done all of the work on my car myself along with my father who is a Dual Certified Senor Master-technician . The only "modification" on the car is a cool air intake. I kinda looked through the posting and couldn't find a problem solved that would help mine. If there is then please feel free to just point me the direction of the post...

My problem....problems... with my s40 is that I am having these codes keep coming up. and I have checked the voltage and ohm on each sensor and all are working just find.

The simptons that I have are as followed.. Smoke coming from exhaust not a lot but a steady flow of it as far as the smell hmm kinda hard to describe but doesnt smell like a head gasket gone bad. it idles okay-ish it can go from 750-1200 rpm and I have checked for vacuum leaks and I can't find any. I also have a three stalls after letting off the gas AND THEN TURNING all three have happened just before a turn.

As far as the codes in the picture ( i used torque to check them) the P0013 is because at this time I have that disconnected to avoid the large oil leak that comes out of the CVVT camshaft pulley ( I can't afford the pulley at this time) the P0112 I know I need to simply get a new one its not reading anything.

The CODES that are of the upmost concern are the P00450, P00336 AND P00341.

I have all checked for the voltage and i have checked the timing and its perfect. I just replaced the timing belt tensioner. and have sinced removed the codes three times and they return each time.

Any and all the help I could get is much appreciated and I truly wish to thank you for all the info I have seen so far on this forum.

-George T


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