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Greetings all!

I need some help with my 2006 XC90 AWD 2.5.

Had an oil leak that came from the exhaust cam seal, so I decided to also replace the timing belt, the water pump, tensioner, idler, crank seal and the intake cam seal while I had everything apart.

I made very articulate cam sprocket paint marks in order to put everything back exactly as I took it apart, meaning that (outside of using the factory timing marks) I even made a secondary set of paint marks on the timing belt with the corresponding sprocket teeth, and the crankshaft teeth to insure proper placement and I then transferred those paint marks over to the new belt.

I also made reference marks behind each sprocket for the back and forth play that the VVT had before I loosened them to ensure I replaced the cam sprockets in the exact same positions.

I used a rear cam lock-down tool.

Everything seemed perfect when putting everything together.

I viewed pretty much every YouTube video on the subject that I could find before I took on this task, but not once did I see anything about performing a VVT preload sequence (going 90 degrees past the timing mark and then returning).

I can only guess that this is my problem as I am getting a P0016 code even though it's purring like a kitten.

I moved the exhaust sprocket one tooth to the left, and then got a P0017 code, which I thought a bit strange, so I put it back where it belonged, and we're back to the P0016 code.

I'm trying to be as articulate as I can here.

One YouTuber recommended on his video to loosen the three 8mm sprocket locking bolts and adjust the sprocket travel, which I played with on the exhaust sprocket positions with no avail, and I'm just about to play with the intake positioning after the engine cools down a bit(I'm marking where the original settings were just in case).

So...knowing that I didn't do the VVT preload sequence before I removed the belt and the camshaft sprockets, what would you experts out there suggest I do to remedy my situation?*Any other issues that may be causing this?

I really appreciate any advice you can offer.
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