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I have received some great advice I have followed from forum members. I have a problem I dont know what to do with. I have a 2005 S60 with 105,000 miles I take great care with. I'm getting a little hesitation when first starting it up like the engine wants to die. In fact a few times, unless I gave it some gas, it did die. It was recommended to me to put in new plugs and a fuel filter. I bought those directly from a Volvo dealer, they are OEM parts, so I have no worries there. I just replaced the air filter. A friend of mine suggested I buy a fuel injection cleaner at an over the counter parts store. Some people refer to this stuff as "mechanic in a can" and that it's only a band aid. My friend also said I should put Premium gas in it every 3rd or 4th fill up to clean the engine up a little. Is any of this advice valid? Please help.
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