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I drive an '03 S60 S non-turbo. 5-Speed Manual Transmission, 2.4 L 5 Cyl.

The reason I've joined here is to benefit my car mechanically and make the most educated decisions!

The prompting of this is the notion that I've probably blown my catalytic converter and I'm trying to find out how to identify the issue and be positive that it is the CAT. My "Check Engine" light is on and the code is "P0-420". I've attempted to remove an 02 sensor to promote free flow but can't get either one out. I have the 02 sensor socket but both are in awkward positions on the car so I can't get a good grab at them.

If it is in fact the CAT, is it okay to straight pipe it between the bolt flanges for a time until I can afford a new one and do it the right way??? If I disconnect my 02 sensors, is it okay to leave the connections taped & tied up beneath the car?

HELP! :)

Any responses are appreciated!

The last thing I want is to cause damage to the engine! I have just above 110,000 miles on it, original clutch and perfect maintenance records! As of now the engine surges under acceleration. When the engine is cold and I reach the stop just outside my driveway the car has stalled upon pressing the clutch and stopping. It takes about a minute to reach 65 mph when the engine is fully heated and surges all the way up regardless of the pressure I have on the accelerator.


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