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Hey volvo lovers

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Hey volvo lovers

I drive a 1995 850 turbo sedan in a very nice emerald/forest green. It is fully loaded with the premium sound package, no sports spoiler on the back though which is ok because the rims are the nice smeared 5-star style.

My car is the car form of an ugly duckling. When I first saw it, I looked right through it to the next car. Once I drove it, I fell in love. It burns in first gear if you floor it. It surprises everyone with its power under the modest boxy body.

The handling and steering is a dream. On long straightaways i drive with my elbow on the nice squared door panel and use my thumb and forefinger to steer. with full confidence, avoiding potholes.

The rims don't show brake dust. I am one who loves to keep things in mint condition, to enjoy them to their fullest. The 850's rims are designed in such a way that the brake dust only settles in the crevices. I'll post some pictures. I could go an entire summer without cleaning my the rims and they would still look the same from afar. My BMW shows dust after the first week. It's grreat.

The car had 200,000 miles when the initial engine died and it was replaced with a refurbished one. The car has lost it's tightness over the years but it still runs like a champion. Reliable and tough.

This car made me fall in love with Volvo's and made me aware of the Volvo culture. My best friend drives an S40 and to be quite frank, I get more of a rush looking at and driving the older 850 rather than the newer ones. After gasoline awareness went up, cars have become lighter frankly, cheaper-feeling. I like the integrity and weight of the older ones.
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You have a very nice model of volvo, please send any pictures of then

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