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hi everybody

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well I posted a thread about refitting a drive shaft like 5 days ago with no response....Is it that simple where its a no brainer? probably not... anyhow....I bought a 84 740 cuz I crashed my 91 hotroddin like an idiot, just body damage... even with the car totaled I was still able to start the car and drive it try that in a new 84 had a ZF tranny which is shorter than the AW that was in my 91... but I learned that once I had both trannys out...would of left the ZF in there but the kickdown cable was shot n wasnt sure how to install the cable from my AW to it even if it fit...anyhow... not too familiar with the I couldnt say....well my question is....should I send the driveshaft to a machine shop to get fitted or can any welder do the job....very easy question... any input would be nice... thank you and have a nice day
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