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Ok I have the opportunity to buy the 2001 Volvo v70 T5 with either a blown transmission or Transmission computer or even both.

She has an estimate from a Volvo dealership that says both have to be changed.

I can do the transmission myself no problem, but my question is, if I was to buy a used TCM and install it myself would it work or does it have to go to Volvo to be configured?

Also would a used computer be OK or would I have to buy a new one?

These answers will help me decide if the car is worth buying or what to even offer for her car.

Thanks everyone for your help in advance

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I don't know if it would have to go back to Volvo to be configured, but in my experience these types of issues always seem to get more involved than they are worth. Unless it is dirt cheap you may be better off paying a little more to get a car that is sorted out.
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