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Hovering sound on left front side

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I drive a 1998 S70 T5.

My car recently produced this hovering sound on the left front side.

Initially, it began when I accelerated and stopped when I put on the brakes. But, when I left the car on "D", as the car moved, the sound got more consistent and again, it stopped when I put on the brakes.

I just had new brake pads installed.

What could possibly be the matter?

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Did you have the rotors replaced or just the brake pads? Also, do you hear the same noise when the car is rolling in 'N'?

Sulley, just the brake pads. I didn't notice the sound when the car was in "N". The noise has mysteriously disappeared this morning. I'm going to have it checked this weekend. I just sincerely hope that it's not serious.

Thanks. Anymore questions or inputs are appreciated. :)
It could be the low brake pad warning sensor causing that. Probably (hopefully) nothing serious. Since only the pads were replaced it may be they weren't put back correctly or maybe you have a caliper issue. Let me know what you end up finding out.
Well, the sound just disappeared. We checked and nothing was amiss. Thanks.
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