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How To Fix Front Shocks & Fluid Leaks

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I've got two main problems with our good old 1982 244GL - the driver side front shocker thing is buggered and it constantly loses transmission fluid and coolant.

The garage man says $600 all up to fix the shocker thing.

Is that fair enough? Could I do it myself? If I tried I'd have to get some special device, wouldn't I? Would that be expensive? Or is it something you can make up?

And the leaks are an annoyance. They are not great but they are constant. And I don't know where they are coming from. I just thought it might be worth asking if anyone has some ideas of likely places a 244 might be losing small quantities of transmission fluid and coolant regularly - and would those places be easily fixed or should I take it as a sign that I need to ditch the car?
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Thanks for your input Mainzerin. You got it all done? Did it all yourself? That's pretty impressive. I've done a bit of work here and there on cars but I hate working underneath and I find the Volvo engine compartment and especially the electrics a great confusing mess and a hassle.

Be better if I had a hoist and a pressure hose etc., to clean the underside.

What did you work with? A hoist? A pit? Ramps? Or just crawled underneath?

And thanks, Bhart, I'll do as you suggest if I do put it in for the shocks. I'm actually looking around (this is part of that) to see if I could do the job myself.

The poor old thing is only worth $500 or so. It's a bit of a toss-up whether or not to fix her up or buy something else.

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