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I have a 244GL which I want to put up 'on blocks', as they say, and take the wheels off.

Only instead of 'blocks' it'll be up on wheel rims. An idea suggested to me in these forums, I think.

You lay one wheel rim down and stand another up inside it - and then tack weld the two together.

The car frame then supposedly sits in the upright wheel rim nicely making a good solid safe stand for the car that won't sink into the ground when it gets wet.

BUT - I now find that means the car frame is going to have to rise about 12" (300mm) to get these rims under there. Won't do that with the Volvo jack.

So how do I get that lift? I mean where on the body, frame, of the car? I've got a floor jack and bottle jacks, I can lift it. But I need to lift it that high and in a place that will leave room for me to put these stands underneath somewhere.

Where? Where to lift, where to place the stands?

It might be better to go round the car one wheel at a time, take the tire off the rim and put the rim back on the axle, and then lower it down so's it can sit in a rim laying flat beneath it, that won't need welding, it won't go anywhere
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