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My ignition switch is broken on my 244GL and the car is going to die - at least for a year or so.

Too expensive/too hard to get another switch and apparently too damn hard to put it in.

So I thought to cut the wires before the switch and join them up and thereby cut out the switch.

I thought join the right two - the 12v input and one other - and I'll get power, lights in the dash and whatnot and then find one more that will start the starter motor when I touch it against that other two that're carrying the power.

So I cut them.

Then something made me put the battery in and the car started 'beep' 'beep' 'beep' ing like it does when there's a door open or seatbelt unfasteded or something.

That worried me because I don't understand it. Must be there's some circuit operating even with the wires cut... but what? and what does that mean to me?

So then I tried to get help in a DIY forum somewhere on the web. The guys there said I shouldn't have cut the wires... I will have buggered the electronics for the fuel injection.... etc... etc... and didn't give me any help on what to do next......

So I'm hoping the Volvo men themselves will be able to help me out.

There's a pic of my car I've put up on Picasa if you'd care to look. Can't see anything much of course but perhaps it'll serve to establish my bona fides lest anyone think I'm trying to hotwire and steal someone else's car.... this pic shows my numberplates... identifies me if you try hard enough...


Can anyone help?


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