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Hey guys!

New to the site just wanted to say hello. Im looking to pick up a daily driver and my neighbor has a 1988 white 245 wagon that is in great shape body wise. He doesnt have the money to put into some of the minor things it needs so they are going to sell it to me for 500 bucks. It was owned by his mother since new. It has roughly 130k on the clock.

I know it needs an alternator and some exhaust work. All of which I can do on my own. My question to you guys is, do you think its worth it? The car seems reliable. The only concern i had was I pulled the trans dip stick and the fluid was rather brown. Looked like it could use a service. All of which I can do myself again. He also said that when the car is cold it doesnt like to go into OD right away. However once its warmed up it will go into OD.

The only other things itll need are wipers and little junkyard things.

Its a 2.3 non turbo. Is this an interference motor?

Thanks for all your help. Never thought I would be a Volvo guy, but since they moved in I have been eyeing up this wagon. LOL

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