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Hi, my hubby has a 1997 Volvo Sedan 850, he loves it, but lately, it just won't start half the time. He gets it jumped, drives around, sometimes it starts sometimes it doesn't later on. The battery was checked and was fine. The general mechanic he went to yesterday didn't know what it was. I've tried to search the forum with "850 won't start" and found one post about a fan shroud, whatever that is, and just sent it to hubby.

Can anybody help with other commmon failures on this model so he can figure it out or help a mechanic figure it out?

I get the feeling it's some small electrical thing or something corroded, as it's spotty--sometimes it starts, then sometimes it doesn't. Any help much appreciated. It's a really nice car as far as we're concerned and hopefully nothing too serious is wrong.:D
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