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Hey there just joined this Forum - also just purchased my second Wagon - V90. My first was a 240, it was a straight 6cyl with 5spd manual and the odometer quit at 300K and the guy I sold it to has put well over 100K on it! The V90 was picked up at a tranny shop for $1500 (with fresh tranny) on a mechanics lein. Good deal - BUT - lost compression in #3 cyl in 1 week, ouch! Just picked up a used (100k miles) engine! Gonna get it going again soon. I really like the 2.9 straight 6 and rear wheel drive only wish it was a manual trans. The body is very straight with 240k miles but now a news trans and a 100k engine, it should be good to go. The front seats are TRASHED but thats and easy fix. Gonna start hunting the junk yards once shes back on the road!


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