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I have a used aluminum skid plate (shield) for a Volvo S40 2007 and other models (auto trans, 4-door, 2.4i eng, FWD) to protect the oil pan. It is from IPD (Volvo parts seller), part # 113839 (out of stock, $160), that was used for about three months until I sold it. Also have the original plastic one with it which is brand new ($158 from the dealer, $58 from IPD). The IPD plate is lined with sound deadening material to keep it from vibrating, has all the original instructions and screws that came with it and some stainless steel ones that I used instead. The plate has some scratches on it but otherwise in perfect condition. Location is Houston and you pay for shipment whatever it comes out to be (big box, about 30 lbs). Asking $110 or best offer for both. See image below.

Per IPD's pdf instructions, this fits:
for C30, S40 (2004.5-on), V50, C70 (2006-2007)
ask IPD anyway.

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