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Issues!! Need help!

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:confused:I recently purchased a 1997 volvo 850(auto) i was driving the car it just shut off on me...turned right over and kept driving. As i continued to drive the car had lag and loss of power, as if it wanted to shut off again. Didnt shut off due to me giving it a little more gas and it would not stall out again. Continued to do that all the way home,about an hour drive... Anyone able to help me out with what it is or might be or has someone had the same issue? Like i said i just bought the car and am beating myself up for not inspecting it properly before making my purchase and now i NEED to fix it as its my ONLY means of transportation. Thank you.
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Ok, so i disconnected the mass airflow sensor, and drove around for about a half hour with no problems, no hesitation no lag...RAN GREAT, like all great volvos i have some more a/c hose blew the other day....speedometer just stopped, RPM's are still working.....odometer and trip counter havent worked since i bought the car....right now thats all i have, i will continue to test and run my vehicle. i plan on doing a full tuneup and hope and pray everything turns out for the better....if anyone could assist me in these issues it would be greatly appreciated...
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