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Just bought 2001 V70 T5 w/99k miles

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Yeah, I know what Consumer Reports says about this model but I just fell in love with it. It's been garaged it's whole life and looks brand new.:)

I hadn't put 30 miles on it when the check engine light came on. It went off later in the day. It has come on one more time but turned itself off again. I haven't finished my first tank of gas yet; it's still that new to me. Are these electrical warnings typical?

Can Auto Zone or Advance Auto Parts read the codes if the light comes on again? An independent Volvo repair shop has offered to give the car a check up for $40; should I do that?

We owned a 1992 940 wagon for 8 years and we wanted another Volvo after we sold our '01 Subaru Forester to my son. I miss my Subi but the Vo is so much quieter and rides like a dream.


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On Wednesday we began to run on 4 cylinders so I took the car to an independent Volvo mechanic and he diagnosed a bad coil pack on the #3 cylinder. Five new Bosch coil packs and five new Bosch spark plugs later we were motoring happily down the highway again. Parts, labor and tax: $515 Is that a fair price? Wonder what a Volvo dealer would have charged?
If any of you live near Winston-Salem, NC, you'll be familiar with Master Tech Repairs. We pulled into his shop without an appointment and he fixed the car in less than an hour. I will definitely go back to him again!
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