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i have a RHD 2000 W reg V70 and need to get it registered in Sweden, however i need the speedometer to read in KMH as the predominant scale. does anyone have one of these please or know where i can source one.

i just need the dial and volvo have quoted me about £300 for the whole speedo replacement.

I just require the dial, so a broken speedo with kmh (as the main scale) would be great

thank you

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Try some of these salvage/parts places:

Classic Volvo (P.O. Box 7, S-153 21 JÄRNA, SWEDEN; Email: [email protected]; Phone: +46 8 551 73810) buys and sells cars, spare parts and Volviania. They share information about classic Volvos and try to make the ownership of a classic Volvo more enjoyable for owners everywhere.

CVI Automotive AB (Malnvägen 10, S-824 50 HUDIKSVALL, Sweden; Tel: +46 (0) 650 759 00; Fax: +46 (0) 650 759 01; Email: [email protected]) is a wholesale supplier of "new spare parts for classic Volvo cars, built between 1947 and 1974" but does reretail sales only in their shop in Hudiksvall, Sweden. At one time CVI had their 544, 122, and 1800 catalogs available for download but that service has been discontinued.

Genuine Classic Parts (Bäckmarken, SE 555 92, Jönköping, SWEDEN) is "the only company dedicated to the service of Volvo Vintage Cars in a joint venture with the Volvo Car Corporation."

I have more US locations, but these are on your side of the pond.
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