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I am new here but I owned a volvo 122 in the 60s , a p1800 in the 70s and a 240 gt in the 90s
My favorite was the p1800.I own a Porsche Boxster, my 4th Porsche.My wifes car is a mazda3 for the second time,
but at lease end I want to find a C30 for us.Harder to locate car but not impossible,I also had an Audi TT quattro convert.
recently.Love Eurpean cars, and greatly appreciate Volvos. My 240 gt had 240,000 on it and ran like a champ.
The turbo lag was noticeable.but the car was fun to cruise in. It has leather seats, auutomatic trans , sunroof and was gold metallic.Great car.
I also managed a volvo store in the late 80s and the 90s,Got to drive every model. I hasd several 740s and 760 as well as 240 sedans,I handled sales and finance Glad to be here, and looking forward to a c30t5.
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