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Hi, all!

My husband and I have owned Volvos for 8 years now and LOVE them! I have an 1997 850 Turbo that is on it's last leg (replaced the fuel system twice, radiator, timing belt, water pump, window motors, PCV system, oil hoses, axel on front tire, etc - to the tune of $6000 over 4 years). I'm very interested in the Volvo Wagon, V70 2.4. There is a 2004 with only 38,000 miles on it and I"m trying to find out what the maintenance costs are (also problems). All the reviews are positive, but my hubby won't let me buy it unless I do my homework which is :

1) Find at least 3 websites that quote the $ in annual repair costs.

Francine :)

P.S. (I'd like to go to a direct link and type in the model #, without having to pay for it! Consumer reports wants $ now).
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