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Looking for CVVT cam seal thread that disappeared.

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Back in June, I bought a 2003 S60 2.4 non-turbo. It had 97K miles so I the first thing I looked for on the internet was the timing belt replacement procedure. I found several and saw a related thread on what I thought was this message board that explained the process of successfully pulling the camshaft sprockets and precise instructions on how to remove the old cam seals, replace the new ones with a sleeve that was for a Dodge I believe, and lots of info. on what not to do due to the VVT mechanism. Well, I have searched for hours again on here and several other sites and cannot find that valuable thread anywhere. It may not have been posted in the S60 section, but I'm pretty sure the thread said the info applied to the S60 as well.

Does that thread sound familiar to anybody? If it does, do you know where it is? I bought the cam locking tool to make sure I didn't screw up the cam sprocket removal and reinstall.

Thanks for any direction anybody can provide in tracking down that thread.
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