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looking to buy 2000-2007 v70 diesel automatic

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I would like to buy a 2000-2007 v70 with a diesel and automatic gearbox.

Which engine to search for? Which to avoid? Is the automatic gear box good enough? I would like to buy a car with max 50k miles/80k kilometers on the meter.

What would be your advice?

ps. I live in PL, but will i'm determined to go to Germany to find a decent piece.
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I think all of these were good engines. They seemed to have done a good job out of the box with the diesel and the automatic gearbox is solid too. Have anything you buy checked out first and look for service records to see that the car has been maintained. I think the fuel injectors were a bit problematic and the front suspensions so take a good look at those areas.

I've heard opinions that the 2.5 tdi engine from audi/vw is not that good if you would compare it to the classic 1.9 tdi from the vw clan. The 2.4d does not impress with horsepower, so I wanted to go for one of the two d5's anyway. I've heard that awd system and the more advanced suspensions options are pricey to repair and not that long lasting.

What's your opinion on that?

I agree the AWD and advanced suspensions do cost more to maintain. Unless you live in an area where you are really going to get the benefit of it you may want to consider not opting for that. Many discussion points on this become relative. What one user thinks is not expensive another may think is. With anything you buy I would look for service or maintenance records and have a Volvo mechanic check it out.
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