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I’ve got an 07 XC90 V8 with the TS – 80 SC transmission
The valve body has been upgraded by Volvo in the newer xc90 that is to say Volvo by 07 corrected the problems with the valve bodies in these transmissions
the fluid has been changed and just changed again recently and it was never dark or burnt smelling
it’s very clean and the car shifts perfectly fine I never had an issue with shifting in this car however the manual shift which worked fine up until recently now when you pull it over into manual shift it’ll downshift as low as first gear so thankfully I’ve never pulled it over while going over 15 miles an hour because I know I’ve read about this problem
has anyone had this problem? and knows what it is? Knows what causes it? knows what I should do?

sometimes it will shift OK and other times it won’t in manual mode so it seems to me it may be a blue cheese condition that’s to say corrosion possibly on the contacts and I have found that contacts when you pull connectors loose can look perfectly fine sometimes and you clean them with a contact spray cleaner and put the connections back together and you fix the problem however this module is deep down under the shift control and I don’t want to tear into it until I’ve asked people here if they know what causes this problem

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