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Minor problems with my S80 T6

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Hi all,

I'm new here and is hoping that somebody can help me with a few minor problems.
I'm driving a S80 T6 2001 Executive which is driven 182000 km and I love this car!!!

First of all the sun-roof has a rattling sound, almost like the glass is loose and when closed I can push the glass and it moves a few millimeters. As when I drive-by bigger vehicles the glass rattles.

Second, the auto-up on the drivers window isn't working....

Third, there is a whistle sound coming from the engine room but depends on the acceleration. Sometimes I can hear the sound but when I push the gaspedal a little further to the floor it goes away.

Any help is appreciated.
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Welcome to the forum.

1) You could have a loose rail. Try this fix - set your sunroof to the lifted (not slid open but lifted open) position (back end is angled up forming an open gap). in this position, from inside the cabin, look up and find, under the upper of two plastic rails, there you'll find a six-sided star screw. The little rail is clipped onto two pegs; one in the middle and one at the back end. With a little force, slide the rail towards the back and it will unclip and become somewhat loose. Use the hex screwdriver to tighten these screws and then slide the rail back onto the pegs. Check to make sure it's back together correctly using the sunroof button.

3) Need some more detail to go on.

2) Does the window go up, but manually? Dealer may need to reprogram computer or the switch could be bad.
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