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Hi all,

Please help me with a problem I have with my car!!!
The car suddenly started to misfire once in a while. Finally the check engine light came on and I went to the dealer for diagnostic (ECM-3503 and ECM-3543). They changed the spark plugs, then swapped the ignition coils but without fixing the problem. At last they measured the cylinder compression and 1-2-3-4 and 6 were at 110 N/cm3 but no. 5 was at 70. So they assumed that the intake valves needed to be replaced.
Next I took the cyl. head to a workshop where it was tested without any faults. At that point it was decided to change the piston rings. Then the engine was re-assembled.
Both turbos were rebuilt as well.
The engine ran properly for 2 days but then everything went back as before = the problem persists!!!

Please can somebody give me any hints, we think this could possibly be the ignition coils or fuel injector.
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