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Hello everyone, picked up my first Volvo through a trade for my old Chevy pickup.

Love it so far,

I have no service history on it and intend on doing a timing belt kit w/ water pump ASAP. The front end is sagging really low on both sides, however the rear seems fine. I'm guessing springs? Struts aren't leaking but I'll probably do strut assembly's.

The Ac clutch has the common airbag issue but also the pulley bearing it out on the clutch as well. So I have to figure out pulling that on the vehicle

Passenger seat is ripped bad and the leather is very dry, driver side is starting to do the same, trying to condition the leather to soften it up and possibly restitch the seat covers??

The rubber coated trim inside is peeling but all the electronic parts work and the stereo sounds great.

I'm partially curious about installing the xc suspension on my fwd model. Is any of that possible?

Here are some pictures of the car

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