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My Volvo 240 base wagon

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Hello all, I figured I would finally join a Volvo forum. Mainly because my mechanic thinks Volvos are for hippies. It's a 1991 240 wagon, base model, and it's in relatively good shape for its age. She only had 205,286 miles on it when the odometer stopped working a few years ago, and she still runs like a top. I have made a few modifications, as the Volvo felt a bit plain when I got her. I converted to leather seats, added a vintage Sony CD player, painted the steel wheels to match the car, and replaced the cracked grille with white chicken wire (because I'm cheap and didn't want to pay $30 for a new grille). Looking to add alloy wheels eventually, as well as IPD lowering springs. Also shown is my previous Volvo, a one-owner 1982 244 GL that had 279,000 miles when I sold it. The kid I sold it to burned it up a week later for insurance money. I have no idea why he felt the need to call and tell me what he did, but I reported him, and he was "dealt with".

I hope I can get some good advice on how to keep my wagon running here, looking forward to finding out all sorts of magical things about Volvos.


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