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Hopefully the used engine was OK, did you see it run before you installed it?

You need the basics; spark and fuel.

If the starter has stopped engaging, you may have run the battery down too far. This would also limit the amount of spark available.

Charge the battery and have a boost available for your next attempt. Pull a spark plug lead, stick a screwdriver into the lead to make contact with the metal in the cap. Hold the insulated screwdriver handle steady and place the metal shaft of the screwdriver close to a metal part of the engine. Close is about 1/2 inch away. Crank the car over and watch for a spark to jump from the screwdriver to the block.

With the key in the run position, you can check for fuel pressure. Locate the fuel rail that feeds the injectors. There should be a small cap that screws onto a fitting along the rail. Remove the cap and you should see a Schrader valve ( like an air valve on a tire stem or A/C system ) and if you press the pin, fuel should spray out under fairly high pressure.

If you have both fuel and spark with a fully charged battery it should start. If not, start checking all your electrical and vaccum connections you made notes of before you did the swap....

Good luck, it can be tedious or you may get it first try.
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