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need help Oxygen sensor wiring

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Hi everyone

I have a 98 volvo v70 and the other day some how the wiring got tangled over the steering and came out of the plastic plug that plugs into the O2 sensor on the car wiring side not on the O2 side. now I don't know what order to put the plugs back in, so what I really need is someone to look at their oxygen sensor and follow the black, gray and white wires and tell me which color matches which. It is for the front O2 sensor before the cat. Thanks in advance any help would be much appreciated.
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I have replaced the o2 sensor but the wires actually came out from the harness the four little metal pins came out of the plastic plug.
I know please some one or even the colors that match the gray whites and black on the harness side please
anyone have any idea please
1 - 5 of 7 Posts
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