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Today I purchased a 1992 740 wagon, 228,122 miles for $800

I thought it was going to be the worst day of my life. I like many of us, no longer make the kind of money I used to make. So when the lease ended on my Toyota Tundra, I decided I couldn't afford nor do I want a payment in these times.
I settled on the 740 Wagon because all of the Japanese Cars at that price level needed heavy duty repairs. She was a sad sight to behold with her original Dark Green Paint all but faded from the top, spilling over the sides like a gradient ooze pouring over a dubious siloutte.
The Seats were leather, but cracked on both front seats, I fumbled around with her a bit, trying to figure out mundane tasks like hood release and the door handle(that took me a bit). The Muffler is missing so it sounded terrible on start up. But I was amazed when I went under the hood and was greeted with silence. Silence, all I could hear was the missing muffler. No squeeks, groans or rattle. Why was this engine so quiet?
Took her for a spin, I was impressed with ease of backing out and seems to turn well,her tires are bald and the left front one has a knott in it making the steering wheel shake. Despite that and the damn missing muffler I could feel how smooth it could be after I fix those two problems. I don't know how but she has won me over.
I am lucky, I have a co worker that is good with restoring cars and is going to help me out by doing repairs at just part cost. Tomorow she gets new tires, muffler and paint. I decided to restore her original Dark green.
I am stuck with her and she with me and I have named her; Svedka :D
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