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Hello all. New guy on the block here. Just got an 98 V70 AWD wagon to primarily allow my wife to travel for her daily to-dos...
Has about 73k on it and looks good. Hopefully we'll have a good relationship and maybe it'll allow me to get more in the future. Always liked Volvos but never happened to get one, though I've been on this planet for a bit, until this one. The timing belt was done according to the Volvo sticker at about 60k and it recently had an oil change. The brakes look good and it starts and runs ok. Though when really cold out it makes a few whiny noises when primarily cold. Also when turning the steering wheeel. But not that loud. Was thinking on giving it to my mechanic for a complete tune up, and maybe a transmission tune up, as they call it. Don't know if I'm wasting my money but then again, I don't know if it was done and when....
Any thoughts, suggestions, would be appreciated.
Anthony V.
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