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Hi Everyone, I am new to Volvos and this forum but not new to cars. I am looking at a 2007 Volvo S60 2.5T to replace the aging car I now drive and I want to find out if there is anything I need to look out for or be aware of as I am looking at the car and test driving it. Also is there anything unique or peculiar that I should know about if I do decide to buy the car?

The car is a 2007 with 280,000 mostly highway miles on it. The car has the 2.5 Ltr Turbo engine with the 5 speed automatic transmission. I went to look at the car on Sunday but the owner got called away on some last minute appointment so I couldn't drive the car or get into it but from all appearances this car has been well taken care of. The car has most likely been garage kept and there are no flaws in the paint that I could find. The seats are in good shape and the windows are in good shape as well. The tires are good with even tread and I could not see any rust on the car.

I ran a CarFax report on the car and if I get it I will be the third owner. The car spent most of it's life in an affluent area not far from where I live now. The car was serviced mostly at a Volvo dealer. The oil and filter was changed at approx. every 7,500 miles. The transmission was serviced at 80,000 miles and that is all that shows on the CarFax for transmission service. The car has been aligned and tires balanced every 12,000 to 15,000. One concern to me is the fuel pump and filter and fuel pressure sensor were replaced at 265,000 miles and then again at 280,000. I am going to say that the first fuel pump failed before it's time. The struts were replaced at 250,000 miles. The A/C has been checked regularly as has the PCV system. The tie rods have been replaced and the engine and powertrain computer have been checked. Some things that I don't see is where new tires were put on the car but I have a feeling they were put on by a shop that maybe doesn't use CarFax. Also the brakes are not showing up but again I think the work may have been done by a shop that doesn't use CarFax. One think I cannot find and is a concern is a timing belt service. With this mileage the timing belt should have been serviced at least 3 times and that is not on the CarFax.

If I get the car that will be my Priority 1 to get the timing belt, idler and tensioner pulleys, cam and crank seals, and water pump changed out. Second priority for me is to drop the transmission pan and change out the fluid and filter. I was planning to use the Valvoline MaxLife fluid and which I have used with no ill effects in the last 3 cars I have owned but according to the raging debate on this Forum MaxLife is the kiss of death for Volvos so I will either get my fluid from the Volvo Dealer or I will use the Mobil 339 which is recommended. The current owner told me that when she had the car in the shop for an oil change they told her it needed an air filter and also an oil level sensor. The air filter I can change out but I have been researching this "Oil Level Sensor" and from all I am seeing this car doesn't have one. It has an Oil Pressure Sending Unit that screws into the block but no Oil Level Sensor. Could either the shop or the owner be a little confused?

The only wild card for me is the turbo unit. I have no idea how well they hold up or what issues I can expect from it but if I get the car I am sure I will find out. A couple of questions I have going in. I know that 280,000 is a lot of miles and I want to get an indication of how long that car can run if it is taken care of and the oil is changed regularly. Also, how long can the Turbo unit last on that car? Is there anything unique to this car that I need to be aware of going in and/or be on the lookout for when I look at and test drive the car?

I am retired and don't drive a lot of miles maybe 6,000 a year or so and I am thinking I can get at least several years out of the car with me keeping up on the maintenance. Mainly I just want a nice car. Thanks Everyone.
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