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Hi Everyone....New to this group....I have owned 6 Volvo 1984 Dl's...3 244's and 3 245's....Have taken them all to over at least 300k miles or until they were wrecked. I don't understand how I have attracted the collisions that I have, but thank God I was in a Volvo when they happened. Have never been injured seriously in the 3 totals I've experienced. All caused by someone either turning in front of me, running a stop sign Or (get this) in a parking lot!

Anyway, I've a love affair with these cars and have enjoyed their performance and little quirks that they have.

I am presently looking for another 1984 244 sedan, in running order and ready for travelling across the US. I'm retired and was planning a cross USA trip this year to see friends. I should have joined this forum long ago as I see some great knowledge and experience attending here.
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