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New owner - 2013 S60

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Forty two years ago I graduated college. My vehicle at the time was a P1800. Now, once again I am a Volvo owner. I had to order my S60 T6 AWD from Europe as the dealer here didn't have what I wanted and couldn't find what I wanted in the US. It took three months to arrive on Nov. 18. I would have bought an R but wanted soft beige interior. Dealer and Volvo very inflexable on allowing customer to customize.
I had the dealer install the R upgrade, but I'm not certain they did it right as the car fails to hit 7000 rpm in manual mode as advertised by Volvo. So I will have a discussion with the dealer next week.
I installed the ipd rear anti-sway bar, but frankly any improvement is barely noticeable. I probably need Eibach springs to fully realize the potential.
I was at first disappointed with the brakes, but after 1K miles they bedded in and now perform to expectations.
The car now has 2800 miles after a road trip to FL for the holidays. Gas mileage isn't great, but that's not why I bought the car. I have a Prius for that!
I'll post again when I have more news.
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