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Hello, newbie to this forum, My wife currently drives a 2005.5 TDI Jetta, loaded 6 speed auto. She's owned it since new, drove it to NY from OR, etc etc. currently has 116k miles. We had our first kid on 1/1/11 and have 2 dogs (great dane and rat terrier) and in the past we've had buick roadmasters, caprices, etc I currently have a ext cab silverado (we're farmers)
We are looking to get into a volvo (used) and don't really need the AWD of an XC 70.. SO that leads me to the V70.. Looking for something in the 05-07 range with less than 100K... (kinda depends on how much we can get for the TDI)
several of my friends have volvos, and have grown up with them etc.

Trying to figure our what years to get, what engines to get etc. definately has to be auto.. Basically I know very little about them.. Are there good stickies I should be reading over?
PS whats the deal with and Are they competing? I signed in on both :) Not sure if that is common?
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