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My 2006 series 2 XC70 is hitting 105k and I'd really like all the safety goodies, so I've been waiting for the newest series 4. Now that it's out, I don't like it! Longer, lower, wider, heavier, cramped driver's position with lousy visibility and humongous A pillar. It doesn't even have the nice 40-20-40 rear folding seat - cheap!
So I'm considering a young series 3 (or an Audi or even the Buick CrossTour). I've learned that some fuily-optioned XC70-series 3 have all the goodies like intelligent cruise control, lane keeping assist, and emergency braking.

  1. Do they have rear cross traffic alert?
  2. ....remote start?
  3. ....backward looking lane monitoring (like Audi)?
  4. ....Android Auto?
Which engines are good and which should be avoided?

Thanks for your time and expertise,

Mark V
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