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Non Running Classic Volvos

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Hi. I am a long time fan of the classic Volvos and have been seeking a project car. Most of the ones that intrigue me are not running and have not been running for years. I know these cars (grew up with 122 Amazons in the family) are very resilient.

I recently came across a P1800s that is in good shape in the rust department (very little to speak of). However, it has not run in many years and has just been sitting. I've heard stories of people buying old Volvos, pulling them from a barn, and bringing them back to life.

My question is...for a good price (at least to me)...are the chances good or bad that this old P1800's engine can be brought back to life? The thought of a total engine rebuild scares me and the current owner does not know why the previous owner stopped driving it.

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This was discussed a while back....

Should still be valid.

Drive it easy and see how the oil pressure and temperature behave. A basic rule of thumb for oil pressure (from Ferrarri) is 10 PSI for every 1000 RPM.
If the car was put away because something major malfunctioned, that will need to be rectified. Some people give up on problems easily while others hide critical faults.

Bring a booster pack, remove the spark plugs and check the compression. You should start to see some oil pressure when cranking on the starter motor too.

The potential areas for finding trouble are numerous. Could be an issue anywhere between the rad and the back tires. You may get lucky too. A car that's been sitting a long time will have corrosion on internal parts - this may just scuff off but if the rust is deep, be the cause of future trouble. That's a wait and see. Oil seals may have dried up - some may come around with use, others will continue to leak.

Be prepared for the worst and anything less will be a bonus.
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