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I drive a 1990 Volvo 240 sedan with the odometer broken at 264k.

This car is also lowered and straight piped.

I've spent weeks on multiple forums, and have spent quite a bit of money with no solution!

To the issue at hand:
Whenever I drive faster than 40 MPH, this whistling noise develops.
It sounds like it is coming from the front passenger side in the engine bay.

Sometimes it won't do it at all, then it will decide to do it out of nowhere.

At times, it had two tones, but either way it's an annoying whistle sound.

When this occurs, the performance of the car is not harmed.

I've hand revved it for minutes on end, and it won't duplicate the sound, other than while driving.
View the video below to hear the sound: it's loud, but my camera cannot pick it up well!

Using headphones is advised!

One more note, the temp gauge goes slightly above the middle mark, but I have a suspicion it's faulty since it goes halfway down the middle mark at times, and nothing is smoking.

I was told it could be a carrier bearing, but don't those produce more of a grinding sound?

Any help would be appreciated!
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