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Oil film on back of car - PCV replaced - now what?

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New to the forum. Looking forward to learning about my new purchase. Long time mechanic but my first Volvo.

New to me 98 V70R. 158K miles. Prior owner had timing belt break so it has a reworked head and gasket, new timing belt, water pump, etc.

Drove the car home 3 hours - noticed an oily film on the back of the car. Looked on forums and suspected PCV system so ordered the kit from IPD and just got it back together last night. The trap certainly had some crud build up and the hoses were not in the best shape.

Drove the car today and I'm still getting an oily film on the back. The car is not burning oil - I've driven behind it and there is no smoke - no smoke on a dead-cold start either.

What is the next thing I should be looking at?
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