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Hope everyone is doing fine.

I have a 1996 960 wagon that I am pretty sure is leaking a very small amount of oil from the rear main seal BUT I am currently hunting for leaks from the top down as lately when I come to a stop, with or with recycle on, I smell the distinctive odor of burning oil. It is not overwhelming and I have noticed it to a lesser extent before but it is now becoming an issue for me.

When I remove the 960's plastic piece that hides the coils I see lots of oil in there. I cleaned that all out and I just went for a 3 minute test drive and I could not see any leaks, staring at my coils intently.

If I can get my pictures on this post you can see how much oil was in there.
Unfortunately I have not been able to figure that out.
My suspicion is that there is at least some oil seeping out of the pipe that comes into the middle of the cylinders. I have pointed to it with a screwdriver in one of my pictures.

Can anyone give me the locations I should look at extra carefully on the top end of the 960 for leaks? Is the amount of oil in my picture unusual or typical?
I have read that there is not an orthodox valve gasket on this car but something that requires more intelligence to remove and reseal.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much,
Jim Lee
1996 Volv0 Wagon 131k and counting
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