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All - I am new to Volvo Forum, go easy on me. :)
I have a 2010 Volvo S40 2.4L L5 DOHC 20V - Engine: B5244S7, here is my scenario.

The tire pressure warning light and the a TPMS fault occurs with the message "TIRE PRESS SYST SERVICE REQUIRED". When the engine has started the tire pressure warning light does flash for about 30-60sec and the "TIRE PRESS SYST SERVICE REQUIRED" states constant. I just bought the car less then one week ago, the tire are 225/50/ZR17 94 W and I have them inflated to 37-38psi. This tire size I just mentioned are not listed as a stock option for this model & year according to the owners manual. I noticed a combo of TPMS stems on the wheels are silver and some are black stem. The tires look new and car history report shows the car was serviced 3k ago and non-Volvo mechanics services the TPMS. So after just buying the car and I have no idea how long the TPMS has really been on and other then inflating to tire to 40psi, then bringing it down to 37-38psi and driving the car for about 15 miles - no change. Without going to the Volvo dealer, what can assist me with to resolve this?
Thanks Karl
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