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I have heard stories about a mythical factory volvoRace/Performance Prep book with engines specs, suspended settings, etc etc. to use in a racing environment or rallying. Does anyone know of such a thing? I have scoured the internet and cannot find any trace. I have come across a publication by a fellow known as Paul Grimshaw, but it's not the same one in question. It's more for interests' sake more than anything, but I would like to see what they thought back in the day. On another note, I buy a monthly British magazine called Practical Classics. It has some neat features on different cars, and up to a few months ago, some amzon articles. The November 2013 issue had a multi page feature on servicing thevolvo. that's the one issue I missed out on. If someone has it, I'd trade cash for a scan, or the magazine itself.

Any help will be apprecited.

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References: ? View topic - Volvo race prep book and Practical Classics
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Thank you.
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