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parts for a 91 740 turbo

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I have a 91 740 turbo. The check engine light is on and I have been unable to get a smog check. I took the car in for a code reading and the problem is the air filter housing is cracked and the air intake ducts are worn out. The problem is not even the dealer has the parts I need, I have check various junk yards however I can't find these parts. can anyone give me some leads? I am in Southern California.

Thank you,
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You should post this in "Parts Wanted": Volvo Wanted - Volvo Forums - Volvo Enthusiast Forum - Volvo Community - Volvo Repair

You should post pictures of the parts you need. Show and tell always works best :D

Google automotive salvage yards for your area and make some more calls. If the place you're calling doesn't have it ask if they know of another that might.

Call or drop in at your local parts stores (NAPA, Orielly, Autozone ...) and ask them for salvage yards in your area that might have Volvos.

Have you tried IPD or FCP and if you don't see it in their online catalog give them a call since they specialize in Volvos.

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Best I can do :(
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