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Good Saturday Morning Folks !

If possible would appreciate some Forum Participants help. I am currently looking at a 2005 Bronze V70 with 138K on the clock. I have and would like to ask a general and specific question/s about the automobile if possible.....

The car drives absolutely marvelously. Could possibly use a tad bit more leg room, but still very comfortable with large and easy in and out doors (I am 100% disabled military). My other means of transportation are Buick Reatta roadsters and a coupe which have little to no room for most anything, and the V70 will be refreshing for sure.
Sine I am disabled and unable to work funding for expensive repairs would be close to totally prohibited. From experienced Folks can I possibly get some advice on what to expect with this automobile repair wise please?

The car has a fairly extensive repair/maintenance history including but not limited to a recent water pump and timing belt replacement, some sort of front end bushing, and motor mount. Multiple alignments (belonged to a senior lady that lived in the country), and oil changes.

The engine looks fairly dry with the exception of some sort of wetness (oil I assume) under the left back side (looking at the front) of the engine....not dripping but wet. Topside above this wetness are some slight "splatters".

The current owner (daughter of original owner) has informed me that she has to intermittently add some antifreeze but there are no leaks and a facility in Richmond (Paul's Volvo) Va has performed a pressure check with no adverse results.

A major appearance problem - the front of the hood and the bumper cover along with one mirror housing originally had a clear..... some sort of plastic tape/decal or whatever thick gravel protect ant covering installed. This "stuff" has turned blackish and cracked like the dickens all over the applied or effective areas.

Can I have any advise or comments on any of the above, plus and suggestions ideas on what to expect cost wise if I purchase the car please?

Hopefully I will be a future happy participant in your forum, and Thanks Much, Nic Walker/Bon Air, Virginia Email if needed is [email protected]

Cheers !
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