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I'm not a volvo person. I've never owned one, i have worked on a few over the years: timing belts, other light maintenance.

I just moved to Utah and I've been looking for a commuter car. I have a 2001 Range Rover on 33" tall tires and a 2007 Toyota Seqioua on 31" tires and a leveling kit. Both being V8 gas guzzlers. i do a 60 mile daily commute

I was looking for an Audi, VW, Mercedes or BMW for a fixer upper car. But this one crossed my radar and i took a shot at it.

I found a 2000 V70 Turbo AWD. it has 189K miles. The owner is selling it for $700. He said he replaced the radiator and now its overheating. So he has given up trying to fix it.

He thinks it might need a headgasket. I'm thinking it has a bubble in the system because the cooling system has not been bleed properly. Simple fix and it would probably need a thermostat as well.

He has records for it showing most of the maintenance.

I have offered $400 for it and will be picking it up Monday.

Other then looking for a chocolate milk shake in the oil, signs of a blown head gasket. Anything else i should look for in the cooling system.

Expansion tank?
Coolant Level?
Coolant in Oil?

My tools are in storage until i move into my house in a week. so i'm trying to use my tool kit in my Range Rover to get this beater going.

All in all, the car is in really good shape other then the overheating issue.

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