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I’ve got a problem with intermittent loss of power/misfiring/poor acceleration on my ’83 244 DL. I joke that I have a brand new 1983 Volvo because over the last year I’ve replaced a lot of parts. I’ve read that the fuel pump relay might be the culprit. Can you tell me where to find the fuel pump relay? I thought it was one of the (2) relays under the glove box but after replacing them, no improvement.
Also, the best place to purchase the fuel pump relay?

Some of the parts that I’ve replaced that could pertain to this problem: full tune up, plugs, wires, rotor, cap, throttle position sensor, idle air control valve, in tank fuel pump, fuel filter, air filter, cleaned but did not replace MAF, O2 sensor, a couple vacuum lines.

Also, there is a smell of fuel and there was some fuel in the air intake tube behind the MAF when I cleaned that.


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