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I have a brand new V40 2013 model as from March 2013. Within 6 months and less than 8000 had 2 issues -

Total Power Loss : Car just stopped all of a sudden and woudn't restart. Even the emergency lights did not work. After 10 mins of freeze, the car started again. The volvo garage attributed the cause as a software issue and did an upgrade. Haven't had an issue since

Burning Smell & Failed Clutch : Sensed STRONG burning smell - 3 times till now actually. Now along with the burning smell, the clutch malfunctioned. It did not release completly back to normal position. My car is in garage and i am being told that some major parts of clutch have to be replaced since they are worn/burnt. They coudn't find a mechanical fault that could have caused this and hence are attributing the cause as due to my driving style. It is hard for me to bilieve since i have been always driving manual cars and till now haven't had issues such as this.

Any insight on what elese could be the reason..Maybe the garage people aren't looking beyond the obvious ..
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