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I have a 1987 volvo 240 with fuel pump problem. Does any one have a diagram or pics for the pump in the tank? Also, I would appreciate and detailed instructions for removing pump from the tank. Thanks.

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The fuel pump is under the car on the drivers side under the rear seat. the fuel pump relay is under the foot kick pad on the passenger side, white in color and usually hanging on a bracket.

This depends upon the model and year. Wagons have the tank accessible under the back of the car, behind the rear axle. On early 240 wagons, the fuel tank is held by 8 or 10 large bolts and if you are careful to detach the fuel pump bracket on the driver (left) side, the bolts can be removed and the tank can be lowered. I recommend a floor jack to lower the tank without damaging it or ripping the sender wires out of the top.

Coupes and sedans are a different story entirely, most wagons should be similar although some may have additional mounting hardware or other components that need to be uninstalled before the tank can be lowered out.

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Getting Started Replacing Your Fuel Pump
Without a fuel pump, your engine will quickly starve. A bad fuel pump will kill things quickly. You can easily replace and install an electric fuel pump. This how to will guide you through the process step by step.

What You'll Need:

  • Fire Extinguisher!
  • Replacement Fuel Pump
  • New Fuel Line
  • Open End Wrench Set
  • Socket Set
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Large Fuel Catch Container
When you're ready to replace your fuel pump assembly, be sure you have safety in mind. Work in an open, well ventilated area, and be sure you have a fire extinguisher close by.

  1. Relieve the Fuel Pressure and Cut Power to the Fuel Pump Reminder: You will also need to disconnect the negative terminal to your battery to avoid any sparks.
  2. Unbolt the Fuel Pump: Under Car Setup
  3. Unbolt the Fuel Pump: In-Tank Setup
  4. Disconnect the Fuel Lines
  5. Disconnect the Fuel Pump Wiring
With everything disconnected, you're ready to remove the pump. As the saying goes, installation is the reverse of removal, so go ahead! :cool:
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